Saturday, June 2, 2012

A year of watching what I eat

I had my ups and downs. Some weeks were harder to eat relatively healthy compared to others. All in all, it was a successful year of weight loss. Last May I weighed in at 243.3 pounds. This morning I weighed in at 213.8. My morning weight tends to fluctuate between 212 and 215 pounds making me down about 30 pounds. I'd like to break the 200 barrier but I don' t know if I can do it. I think my biggest hurdle is to stop having a second dinner around 10 at night.

Getting exercise was the biggest change of the year. I walk a lot more than I used to. Also take the stairs more often than in the past. Time Warner set me back a little when they changed the free Exercise on Demand channel. Some of those were pretty good workouts. One exercise guy said the hardest part of a workout is actually starting the workout. There's a surprising amount of truth of truth to that. I've tried to start P90x twice. I've had some elbow issues in the past and there's something about the pullups that bother's my right arm. After two weeks of the program, I get a stiff neck.  Could be operator error.

The exercise leads me to another fairly recent milestone. While on a treadmill at the conference last week, I jogged a tick over 3 miles without stopping. A personal distance record. Granted, it was flat and at a set pace. I tend to go a little faster on my own and need to take a break every so often. Plus hills make a big difference. I'd like to participate in a 5k sometime. If I can make it around the neighborhood without stopping, I'll sign up. Maybe the Crossings 5k this fall. We'll see.

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