Sunday, June 17, 2012

The largest puzzle I have ever worked on

Tiling is a lot like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Except in tiling, you have a cool wet saw that can cut the pieces to fit.

If you remember, the counter-top project began in February. It took a little while to pick a tile for the back splash. Then once the tile was picked, it took a little while to go and order the tile. In fairness to the tile place, the tile came in three days early. Then the tile sat. And sat.

This week week, I took a day off and worked on the kitchen. I started around 8;15 in the morning. I worked non-stop until 4:45. Then I had to get a little dinner ready so we could be at the softball fields by 6:00. A whole interuption free day to work and I only got two of the three walls done. I naively thought I'd get it all done. And the remaining wall was the most complicated. I spent about 6 hours tiling that wall today. Now, all the tile is up waiting to be grouted. Oh, and I changed out all the electrical outlets for new ones too.

So after the grouting, all that's left is...some Sheetrock repair, molding installation and painting. Maybe someday. I was trying to get done for a gathering next weekend, but there is a girl scout thing Monday, I'm in Utica Tuesday and Wednesday, and the house is trashed...New Goal: Be done by Thanksgiving.

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