Friday, June 29, 2012

Duchess Does It Fresh

There is a chain of restaurants in southern Connecticut called Duchess. I always loves this place. Earlier today on the ride from Albany to Fairfield we stopped in one for lunch. The chain is like a McDonalds and better in every way but fries. Here's the counter. Pretty standard.

Their signature burger is the "Big D." And since we loved the burger, my friends Derek's nickname became Big D.

What always bring me back to Duchess is their hot dogs. They have a great "dog with the works and bacon." Crumbled bacon in the bun must be a Connecticut thing. A simple but fantastic Connecticut thing. What is a dog with the works and bacon? Bacon goes in the bun and gets topped with the dog. The dog then gets topped with mustard, relish and kraut. Heaven in a bun.

I took time out from inhaling the dog to show you the bacon in the bun.

Good eating. By the way, my brother is next to me and making fun of me for taking pictures of hot dogs.

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