Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

At Girl Scouts, each of my daughter's filled out a Father's Day card to go along with the numerous drawings, paintings, cards I received earlier today. Here's what they wrote:

My dad is special because....
Allison: he cooks dinner
Casey: He loves me.

I love when my dad:
Allison: cooks my favorite mac-o-roni
Casey: gevs me coces and gevs me lolepops
Translation: gives me choices and gives me lollipops

The best thing to do with my dad is:
Allison: to tell jokes
Casey: play games and play Drosom
Translation: play games and play Draw with Friends. When you guess a picture correctly, the screen says DRAWSOME! so that's what the girls have renamed the game.

I wish I could buy my dad:
Allison: a lawnmower he could drive
Casey: a Cokc Book
Translation: A cook book

The most important thing my dad has taught me is:
Allison: my sight words and how to spell things.
Casey: is my ABCS.

My dad's favorite thing to do is:
Allison: play drawsome
Casey: play on his phon (phone)
They are right. I really do love my new phone.

My dad's favorite place to go is:
Allison: to Grandma Esther's
Casey: the groshe stor
Translation: the grocery store

I want to thank my dad for:
Allison: teaching me how to spell sight words
Casey: Loveing me and feding me.

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