Monday, April 30, 2012

Making Movies

In 1980, Dire Straits release the album Making Movies. I love the music on this album. It just speaks to me. I'm not sure why. I remember listening to it for the first time. I was pushing 10. I was in my brother Mike's dorm room with my other brother David. Just the 3 of us. Mike played the album for us (yes, album-round vinyl thing that spun on a fancy lazy Susan while being read by a needle at the end of a floating arm).

I'm not sure what took my so long, but on Sunday night I put the CD into the computer and transferred the songs onto an MP3 player. Since then, I've listen to it 3 times. Once I post this, I'm going to listen to it again.

Album side note: all my praise for this collection of music does not include the last track. It's just not as good as the rest of the album.

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