Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Summer Sausage still continues

Fired up the offset smoker tonight. I put the skewers of summer sausage on some positioned fire bricks and used the thermometer from my turkey fryer to monitor air temperature. The sausage went in around 5 and came out at 9. I didn't use any wood chips, just a hardwood charcoal heat.

Here are the coals firing up and the sausages waiting for some heat.

The stacked bricks maximized the length of the sausage (less string to tangle myself in) plus the ones of the left shield the sausage from the radiant heat coming of the coals in the firebox. I also had a thermometer in one of the links. I pulled them when the got to 150 degrees F.

I did my best to keep the air temperature around the sausage at 200 degrees F. Worked for most of the time. I did have some spikes and one pretty good dip.

Ta da!

Pretty good. I think they will be better tomorrow after some time in the fridge.

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