Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Spoons & New Store

Every so often, Michael Ruhlman talks about a web site called Open Sky. Basically it is a place where people of varying degrees of fame can list things they like to buy. Then you can buy them directly from Open Sky. I guess it is kind of like Amazon but only with products that are recommended by someone. I follow a handful of well known chefs there and I receive a lot of email from them - usually a few a day. Most of it goes directly into the virtual trash. Every now and then they give you a credit to use. I've had my eye on a few things...but I'm cheap so I don't buy them.

Earlier in the week they gave me a $20 credit. The most they had ever offered me before was $15. The catch was that to use it, the order had to total $40 before the credit. So I bought Ruhlman's recommended "Paddles 3 Ways." They are hefty stirring paddles with a flat edge for getting in corners. Three sizes of paddles being offered for $34. Shipping put me over the $40 and the set cost $26 (The Man added some tax). Just under $9 a paddle. Probably still a little steep, but screw it, I've wanted them for awhile.

Here they are next to a knife. For size comparison, the blade on that knife is 8 inches.

The handle has some nice lettering.

Also, U Mundu E Ca is open at the Hannaford Plaza on Wolf Road. The shelves are still pretty bare but you can take a look around. They are planning a grand opening in mid to late May. Looked nice. I hope the store does well.

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