Friday, May 4, 2012

All Good Bakers Grand Opening

The All Good Bakers Farm to Bakery/Cafe is now officially open. The grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony was earlier this evening. The cafe, which I have wanted to visit since it first opened its doors in late April, was relocated from Quail Street. As luck would have it, the local Girl Scouts are at the Circus tonight, so I'm on my own for the evening and I got to enjoy the festivities with a lot of people from the Del-So neighborhood. Also, that giant piece of toast hanging next to David Soares is a custom made pinata.

The support for owner's Brittan and Nick Foster was incredible. Really overwhelming. And if it felt overwhelming for me, I can only imagine what it felt like to them. My personal favorite experience at the event was talking to Nick's mother. She's incredibly friendly and was absolutely bursting with pride. I also saw Albany Jane and Albany John. I haven't seen them since they hosted a pot-luck last year (subliminal italics message in case they read this: you guys should host that again, it was a lot of fun).

A lot of snacks were out. The From Scratch Club had an information table set up and I got to introduce myself to Christina who I should have introduced myself to while touring Shop-Rite but didn't because I couldn't believe I was touring Shop-Rite. Eric Paul, aka The Cheese Traveler was offering samples. He is working on opening up a shop next door. They mentioned carrying some local dairy and meats in addition to the cheese.

Mountain Winds Farm was also passing out samples of maple syrup. I tasted the dark syrup, then reached for some money and bought a bottle. I think we're having pancakes tomorrow morning. There was table with bread/ goat chease and a number of topping. They also had some garlic scapes.

And a baked goods table featuring vegan cinnamon buns. While they are probably not the best cinnamon bun you have ever had in your life, they probably will be the best vegan cinnamon bun you ever have and are better than many non-vegan cinnamon buns. They were pretty tasty. A little inside scoop - Nick's mother told me the cinnamon bun recipe originated with her mother.

I look forward to coming back to the cafe for lunch. I'd also like to take a peak at their hydroponic garden they have going in the back. And once the Cheese Traveler opens, I can see myself sitting in my car in the parking lot and tearing into a loaf of fresh bread and some cheese. Waiting to get home to eat will take too long.


  1. I'm sorry I couldn't make it there to finally meet you in person too. But I did stop into AGB that morning to wish them luck. Even on weekdays when there is no breakfast quiche, I had a lovely whole-wheat zucchini muffin and a cup of coffee.

  2. I'm sure we'll run into each other sooner or later. I've been a threat to show up at a handful of events you've hosted. Most recently, a trip to Buffalo stopped me from the Anniversary breakfast. If we are available, I think I could talk the kids into going on the Ice Cream Tour. Shouldn't be that hard a sell.

  3. Thank you so much for coming to our grand opening Jon! I'm happy you enjoyed the food and our friends/vendors who were there. I somehow missed seeing Albany Jane (and haven't met AJ yet). The vegan cinn. bun recipe was indeed adapted from Nick's grandma! Patty is our most enthusiastic supporter :) Thanks for the great pics, for coming from Latham to join in the celebration and for writing about it! We look forward to seeing you for lunch.

  4. I was glad to be able to attend. I might have some work going on closer to your store so stopping by for lunch could be a lot easier in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to it.