Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer Sausage continues

Last night I ran the seasoned beef/pork mixture through the grinder again. This time with the fine plate. Earlier tonight I stuffed the re-ground mixture into some hog casings and tied them into 9 inch (or less) links. I have the links tied to old metal kebob skewers that used to go with an indoor charcoal grill (yes indoor) that used to be at my parents house. No wonder I'm a grill nut. Anyhow, the skewers are hung from S hooks in the little basement fridge. Tomorrow night I will transfer the skewers to the smoker for a few hours. I already have the the weird combination of bricks I am going to use to hold up the skewers set up. Anything much longer than a 9 inch link was going to hit the bottom of the smoker. I am clearly getting older and/or wiser. There is no way I would have measured that a few years ago.

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