Monday, April 30, 2012

Bad Chicken

Have you ever gone somewhere with really high hopes for great food only to have those hopes crushed? I don't want to name names because the place is brand new, the people working there were very friendly and I do hope they can turn it around.

The place just opened and was offering Friday night apple wood smoked dinners. I had planned to order two brisket plates and one chicken plate for the four of us to eat for dinner. The brisket was sold out when I called. Good sign. I ordered 3 chicken plates to be picked up at 5.

The food was terrible. The chicken skin was black with soot, rubbery, and inedible. I couldn't tell you if there was a rub or not. The fat in the leg quarter had not been completely rendered.The kids wouldn't eat it. The macaroni and cheese side looked more like a pasta salad. Just elbows tossed with oil. There was some cheese in there but sadly, I think you could do better out of a box. The slaw was also bad. A bunch of poorly seasoned cabbage and carrot grated to a pulp. The cans of soda that came with the meal were good. I hadn't had a root beer in awhile.

So after a hectic Friday rush hour drive to the restaurant and spending about $22 on three plates of food...I made hot dogs for the kids. If I ever make it back (probably not too soon), I think I'll go with a breakfast. The place looked more like a greasy spoon than a BBQ joint.


  1. I know what place you are talking about, I went in for breakfast on Saturday morning and the owner said that it was too cold and windy on Friday for them to keep the temperature right on the smoker. He said the chicken cooked for 5 hours at a lower temperature than it should have.

    The place is a greasy spoon but the breakfast is cheap and good. I haven't been in to try anything other than breakfast but I'll probably give them a few more weeks to get the Friday BBQ kinks worked out.

  2. I called at 3:00 for a 5:00 pickup. If they knew they had a product they were unhappy with, they should have told me that or white lied and said they were all gone. Not sure why they sold me something they knew wasn't good. I think that makes it a little worse.