Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weed Country

Once the season of Moonshiner's ended, I stumbled onto Weed Country. Very similar show with cameras following people doing some illegal(and some legal) activities and other cameras following law enforcement. Instead of booze, marijuana is the star of the show.

The thing I took away from the show is that medical marijuana isn't definitely not bullshit. Sure there probably plenty bullshit prescriptions out there. "Yo, doctor dude, my back hurts and the Phish concert is this weekend. Do you have anything for that?" I'm not talking about that. I mean life saving medicine. The same playing field as penicillin.

There's a woman with a son named Ben. Ben is three and suffers from epileptic seizures. A lot of them. Many of them are severe enough to be life threatening. One of the grower's named Nate broke the law by taking some specific marijuana, separating out the Cannabidiol (CBDs) and getting it to Ben's mother. From the epilogue of yesterday's show: "Ben went from 10-12 seizures a day to less than 1 a month." Why is it a felony to produce this is turn it into a pharmacy grade medicine? That's absurd. And it's not just epilepsy. According to Wikipedia, this stuff may also be good for multiple sclerosis, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, convulsions, inflammation, nausea and inhibiting cancer growth.

Which politician or law officer want to knock on Ben's door and take the medicine away? Sorry kid.  Good luck with the 4000 seizures this year. You can't have this stuff that would make it less than 12.

One of the growers said in the closing of the show:
"We're a great country and I love this country. But what kind of country would jail a person, put him in a cage, for using a plant that can heal their illness. That's just barbaric to me."

He's got a damn good point.

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