Friday, March 8, 2013

Corned Beef

The corned sirloin tip roast came out pretty well. I wold use a dry cure for corned beef again. The beef let off a good amount of liquid. No leaks. For some reason I couldn't get the bag to seal. Rather than try another bag, I just tied it off with a twist-tie. After 9 days (I went a little over the recommended week since this is thicker than a brisket) of daily flipping, here's what I had.

I put the roast in a crock pot filled with water set on low for 6 hours. After the 6 hours is automatically switches to the "keep warm" mode. With the exception of the programmable timer, my slow cooker sucks. the "keep warm" temperature is too low (around 150 def F) and the low setting is too high (around 215 deg F). While the corned beef was in its water bath, I stopped at Nino's - just off Central near the Shop Rite - and picked up a sliced rye. Seemed to have less seeds than normal, but I think it is the best around.

Looks like a corned beef...

The texture was a little different than a brisket but it was still pretty tasty. With the exception of a small gray spot in the middle (not sure how well you can see it below), the cure went through the whole roast during the 9 days and this method is easier than brining.

I like the flavor but it was missing something. Sadly, I think it was the clove that I intentionally skipped because I hate cloves. Want to ruin a ham? Spike it with cloves. I think next time around I might add a clove. Also, this roast probably didn't need the long simmer. Maybe in the smoker next time. I guess that would turn it into pastrami. That's not a bad thing.

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