Monday, March 18, 2013

Another round of pizza

We had some more pizza for dinner tonight. When I made the dough, I was planing to make the pizzas on Sunday. That didn't happen and the dough spent an extra night in the fridge. It worked out in the end but I wonder what they would have tasted like Sunday night. I only grabbed pictures of the last pie. I was expecting it to come out the worst of the four I made - the dough stuck to the peel and I had a little trouble getting it in the oven - but dammit, it came out the best. The kids were happy there was an extra pie and demanded that the pizza be saved for their lunch tomorrow. Success.

Still need a little work shaping the pies but I would still argue that a decent night of home made pizza is still better than many of the local options. Sadly with 20/20 hindsight, I should have gotten a bigger piece of steel. And even sadder, there are a few more types of flour I want to try out even though I have about 40 pounds of one kind in the basement. So many recipes out there. Last night I saw another one that has me drooling. I think I might just have to pick one dough and focus on improving it.

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