Saturday, December 15, 2012

No Rise Pizza

I gave the Wrise I got form the Modernist Pantry a try last night. Not as successful as the sodium citrate, but possibly another work in progress. The time it took from beginning to pull the ingredients for the dough to the time we were cleaning up after dinner was less than two hours. The recipe gets some points for not having to plan ahead. Alas, I did not get the rise I wanted out of the crust. Still tasty, but the crust never really rose in the oven. Here's the recipe I followed.

I started by getting all the ingredients together. Weighed out the flour.

Popped the cork on the champagne. Poured it into a regular juice glass. Pretty classy. I took a sip and while I may be classy, I'm not a champagne guy.

Kosher salt

Wheat gluten



And then it all went together. Sorry this isn't a thrilling read.

Here's the dough ball after being kneaded for 5 minutes, rested for 10 minutes, and then kneaded again for another 5 minutes. And by kneading, I mean the mixer going with the bread hook. The champagne added a yeasty aroma to the dough. More acidic than a yeasted dough, but yeasty if that makes any sense.

Here's pizza number 1 just before baking. I should have spun it around differently. This was a little too exciting to get on the pizza steel in the oven. Didn't snap a picture but I changed the oven setup a little too. The pizza steel was in the middle of a 550 degree oven and the old pizza stone was on the rack above it. Reverting back to using the steel and broiler might help the top brown and the dough rise a little more.

Not terrible. Bottom came out better than last time. But the pizza is about as thick as when I put it in the oven.

Pie number two ready for the oven.

Here it is cooked. I actually got a little bubble out of this pie. If I could get that bubble all over, we'd be onto something.

Overall flavor of the finished pizza was OK. The crust needed more rise. Not the great pizza, but there is significantly worse out there. The recipe gets points for speed, no slow overnight or 3 day rise. The crust has potential but it isn't there yet. At least not in my kitchen. Maybe more Wrise would help or going back to using the broiler or maybe even breaking out the Firedome. There wasn't any pizza leftover. Not sure if that could be used as an indication of quality or more of an indicator of my oldest daughter's return health. She didn't really eat much last week.

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