Saturday, December 8, 2012

Modernist Pantry Delivery

Forget Christmas, my box of Modernist Pantry stuff came today. They put their own strip sticker on the flat rate postage box. Here's one end of the sticker...

And here's the other...

Cute right? The package also included a semi-personalized card with a phone number, contact info and an offer to help with the ingredients I had bought. The store owner's business card was in there too. In case you were wondering,  Mr. Andersen's card weighed in at 1.47 grams.

The sharpie on the counter was a hefty 8.60 grams.

If I could find my little 10 gram calibration weight, I could check the scale. But that little weight has been AWOL since the kitchen counter project started. I could tell you exactly where it was last January.  I'm not sure what day, but sometime this week I'm trying out the easier mac & cheese recipe. I've got some traveling this week, not sure I'll get the pizza dough in. That requires a stop at All Star where I will get to ask a wine guy another weird question. Last time it was, "I'm looking for an inexpensive white to use in a dry cured Italian salami." This time is will be, "I'm looking for an inexpensive sparkling white or champagne to use in a yeast-free pizza dough." If they had a nickel for every time they got asked that...


  1. A nickel weighs exactly 5 grams. You can use that to calibrate.


  2. JP - That makes way too much sense so I had to give it a try. Two older nickels consistently weighed in at 4.95 grams. A newer nickel lost a little weight and weighed in at 4.90 grams. I think they are trying to save a little bit on material. Anyhow, that should be close enough for my kitchen disasters.