Sunday, January 27, 2013


I have no idea who Pam XYZ really is. I "met" her completely by accident.

Last April, I triumphantly made the leap from flip phone to smartphone and I have an unhealthy love for this new phone. My sister-in-law had already had a smartphone for a couple of years. In showing me around Google Play, she pointed me to Draw With Friends. The game is basically Pictionary, but it is on your phone, you draw with your finger and you take turns guessing with other people on other phones. So I began playing Draw With Friends with both of my sisters-in-law.

Once the kids saw the game, they wanted to draw for their aunts. Fun for the whole family. While my older daughter had control of the phone, she pressed the "Start a random game" button and drew an extra picture. A few hours later, I have a drawing from Pam XYZ on the phone. Who? What? Huh? Feeling very guilty for initiating a game, I couldn't blow Pam XYZ off. So, I drew back.

Pam XYZ's first drawing to me was "venom." She drew a pretty impressive snake and I'm guessing she has the full version because of all the colors. I drew a crappy unicycle back. You can watch the other player guess your drawing to see how quickly they get it. She figured out my weak unicycle quickly and sent me a ridiculously well drawn peacock. Wow. Colored in feathers. The works. Now it's my turn again.

My choices are cupcake, seagull or demi....I'm not an artist. I go with cupcake.

I make my little cupcake, put on some sprinkles, make some lines for the crinkle folds in the wrapper. Not my best artwork, but certainly not my worst. And I press send.

Oops. Turns out I fat fingered seagull. I drew a cupcake and the word was seagull. So I am watching this poor woman try and guess seagull as my crappy cupcake starts to come onto the screen. She uses a bomb to get rid of some letters. Then about six letter shuffles, a few letters go up and come down and then she finally unscrambles seagull. I felt horrible (although it was pretty funny to watch). I cleared up the error in the chat section and Pam XYZ thought it was funny too. The same thing happened to her a few months later.

Since I "met" Pam XYZ we have exchanged over 1000 drawings. The game stops keeping count at 999. Yesterday, I typed her name into Words with Friends. I was going to see if she was on there too and invite her to a game. Well, I must have hit the same button my daughter hit because I accidentally started a game with her. She accepted my challenge and off we went. I think we are going to start playing a Yahtzee type game too.

Ahh, the internet...

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