Monday, October 22, 2012

Repackaged PIckle

I saw what first glance was a new-to-me brand of pickles on the shelf in Price Chopper this morning. Then, I noticed they were Vlassic.

There are a few differences. There is more salt in a serving of the Farmer's market style along with red pepper, carrots and garlic. The ingredient change that really struck me was the coloring agent. The Beta Carotene in the Farmer's Market style left the pickles almost gray. The Yellow#5 in the traditional gives the pickle a strange, but more vibrant color.

I didn't buy either bottle, or any pickles at all today, but the Farmer's Market package seems a little dishonest. Oh, I only got a few funny looks while taking these pictures. But I think I might be starting to enjoy the awkwardness. That's probably not good.


  1. Let the buyer beware. I'm glad they skipped the artificial color. Baby steps. Small incremental improvement is still improvement.

    At least they are heading in the opposite direction of Breyer's. And that's a good thing.

  2. I guess it is a baby step. Just seems like they are trying to project a very false image. Along the same line of the frozen dairy dessert, just not as bad a foul.

  3. It's marketing. The power of product packaging is awesome. I fall victim to it all the time. It's one of the reasons I got into marketing. I'm totally susceptible to its charms.

    As far as getting used to the awkwardness, that's awesome. Turn and face the strange. Enjoy your new found freedom.

  4. I used to want to go into marketing. I was more interested in advertising than packaging. My idea was to bring more funny to commercials.

    Every now and then I see and ad and I wonder how it got made. Some a just awful and I'm sure there were lots of concept meetings, storyboards, and then it gets made and shown to a client. How some ads get past that point is beyond me. I wish an example was coming to mind but I must have repressed the memory.