Thursday, October 25, 2012

Defazio's in the Tournament of Pizza

Another All Over Albany Tournament of Pizza has come to an end and once again, DeFazio's is left the runner up. This year to Marisa's. I don't get it. Sure the pie DeFazio's submitted to the finals did look like their best work, but I've had pizza from Marisa's. I actually drove past it today. And didn't stop. A reheated slice there is alright, but the whole pies I've bought...not good.

I equate rooting for DeFazio's to cheering on the UConn men's basketball team before they finally won a tournament in 1999. That victory was amazing. My brother Mike and I spoke on the phone until 2 in the morning that Monday night. Then we talked to each other almost every Monday night that year. "And how are you enjoying week 21 of being National Champs?"

But this Defazio's loss reminds of UConn's 1990 tournament. Scott Burrell threw a full court pass to Tate George with a second left. In Connecticut, it is referred to as "The Shot." "The Shot" is like DeFazio's submitting the highest rated pizza in tournament history in this year's semi. What a high.

The Tournament of Pizza Finals this year, well that is like the next game UConn played in the 1990 tournament against Duke. Freakin' Laettner. That buzzer beater ended the Dream Season and sent UConn home.  To make it worse, CBS sports played the clip of Laettner hitting that shot during the opening credits for years. Maybe they still do. I don't watch often anymore.

I've got another pizza project of my own in the works which reminds I need to take a few measurements tonight. Nothing like a project to take your mind off the agony of defeat.


  1. DeFazio's is the Buffalo Bills of this tournament. You just wonder why they can't clinch - but who knows... perhaps they tried too hard.

    As for the tournament itself, I have pretty much ignored it. I have issues with it that I haven't said out in the public. Might offend some.

  2. Of course, the Bills. That's a perfect analogy. I follow the pizza tournament annually always looking for somewhere to try. Although the tournament hasn't inspired me to get to Marino's or Pizza King. I came dangerously close to driving out to 5th and 50 last year. I think I might have saved myself a trip. They were outscored by Pizza Hut this year. How's that for a one hit wonder?

  3. Take this tournament and the people who ate this pizza with a grain of salt.

    A huge grain of salt.

    Their opinions on these pizza places will not stop me from checking them out. You want to try a pizza? You need to eat it there - quality really goes downhill when you exit those doors.

    And then there are the toppings. I don't even want to go there with that stuff.

  4. I don't really know the people doing the judging. I've been following some of the posts over at Slice. They have a Pizza Cognition Theory that makes sense to me. The theory is basically that the first slice of pizza a kid tastes becomes what pizza should be to that kid. Since we all have different original pizza experiences, our tastes vary and pizza becomes a heated argument.

    I grew up eating mostly wood fired pizza. If I thought for a second that any of the places in the tournament could produce what I was eating as a kid, I'd be having dinner there tomorrow.