Monday, October 1, 2012

Flour City Pasta

Flour City Pasta has had a table up at the Troy Farmer's Market for awhile and I'm finally just getting around to trying their stuff. I picked up half a pound of "Pizza" pasta (right) and mushroom fettuccine. Each pasta comes with a suggested recipe.

The pizza pasta had various noodle shapes. Normally, this is something I hate. I don't know why. Maybe there's a little OCD in me, but I don't combine pasta shapes. It's not that people who combine pasta shapes are morally bankrupt or evil....they're just not to be trusted. But I thought the kids might like it so I gave it a try. The various shapes are different colors and have different flavors.  There are tomato, mushroom, basil, onion and oregano flavored noodles in the mix.

While the pasta boiled I made a quick tomato sauce with homemade ground sausage.

The pizza smell coming out of the boiling pasta water was noticeable. The oregano was the strongest scent. I took the noodles out a little early and let them finish cooking in the sauce. Not the prettiest dish in the world, but it was tasty. Stuck in my ways, I think a singular noodle shape would improve the dish. The kids were more interested in playing with the neighbors, ate a little bit and then headed out the door. Nothing was going to hold their attention that night.

Later in the week I cooked up the mushroom fettuccine with some mushrooms, olive oil and Parmesan.  This was also pretty good. If I made it again, I'd do the sauteed mushroom and sauce a little differently and use some more garlic. Can't fault the noodles for a lack of garlic, that is purely operator error.

They guys running the stand were very friendly and they have a pretty wide selection of pasta flavors and shapes. Just another one of the interesting stands that makes the Troy Farmer''s Market fun to walk around.

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