Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eating Modernist Bacon

This post is long overdue. The bacon has been done awhile and this was the third time we've eaten it. I can say without doubt, this is the best bacon I have ever made. The only problem, I'm not sure if this deliciousness was derived from a combination of the recipe/technique or because this batch was made from the highest quality pork belly I have ever purchased. If only all of our problems were this bad....

The next mission is to try the Ruhlman bacon cure with the Modernist technique on an Adventures In Food pork belly. Challenge accepted!


  1. Our friend DJ at Tinhorn Farm has delicious bacon and pork! the farm has a facebook page :)

  2. I will have to look them up. Most farmers turn the belly into bacon themselves. I can't blame them. For a little bit of work, the per pound prices goes up a few bucks. I have yet to find a local pork belly that cost less than $12 a pound. I have, however, been trying to buy pork butt for other projects from local sources.