Sunday, January 22, 2012

The weekend

The big pork belly I want is not in my house yet. I was supposed to get a call on Thursday telling me to come get, but I have not heard from Adventures In Food. I'll give them a call tomorrow and hopefully they will have it. I've also been on a stew kick. The last one came out great. Instead of trying to duplicate it, I'm in the middle of trying something I saw Jacques Pepin cook. How bad could that be? In theory, we'll eat that on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the "we" in that statement is just me and the Missus. The kids refuse to eat anything stew-like.

On Friday, we went to Defazio's for pizza. I felt a little too self conscious to snap a picture because we were sitting in front of the register and Ray was constantly taking phone orders. I don't think you could find a calmer, friendlier guy to work the front end of a pizza shop. And he knows everybody. At 5:15, it was a 60 minute wait for pickup and all the tables were either full or reserved. The pizza was great. And the kids drank some root beer so they were thrilled. I've got to get there more often.

On Saturday, we braved the cold and went to a Girls Scouts Ice Skating Party at the Swineburne Skating Rink. That place is pretty cool. After several attempts Allison got some skates on and gave it a shot. She did pretty well. Casey couldn't find rentals that fit her and was sidelined. After the skating we stopped for a quick dinner at the Gateway Diner. Very friendly service, but the food was nothing special. To me, one of the non-breakfast tests of a diner is the turkey club with fries. Like I said, nothing special.

Sunday, we headed north to my in-laws, hung out, stacked some hay, and moved some grain. These steers are nothing like the last two. They would have ran into the field and not come back for 3 hours if they saw me (a stranger to them) in the barn. These two just looked at me curiously, ready to go if I moved toward them, but preferring not to run if they didn't have to. We drove back after dinner and Casey passed out in her car seat. It all starts up again tomorrow...I should probably go to bed.

If you have the time, Mr. Dave is looking for a comments war. Stop by and give him hell. I did, and it was fun.

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