Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just back from the Troy Farmer's Market

I just like walking around the market. I wasn't sure what kind of time I have to play with food this weekend so I skipped the seafood stand. Allison enjoyed picking out a bunch of apples from Saratoga Apples and we split a waffle while I waited in line for a coffee from Spill the Beans. I'm a wimp and pretty much only drink decaf. But the waffle...holy crap those are good.

In other news, the Modernist Bacon project is currently on hold. Adventures In Food was unable to get me a pork belly this week. It is supposed to be coming in this Thursday.  I've been reading American Pie, Peter Reinharts book on the search for a perfect pizza. Strangely, since I've started reading the book, I've been craving pizza. I believe the book was also the start of his Pizza Quest blog. There are some great web-isodes over there. I'll have to make a post with links someday. I think the web-isodes will eventually become a PBS series.

In other, other news...anyone want to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?


  1. wow! that waffle looks like a pizelle :D

    sorry about the GS cookies, I have my owner suppliers & they vowed to break my knee caps if I bought from someone else

  2. No worries about the cookies. If it warms up this weekend, we start ringing doorbells.

    If you make it out to the farmers market, you have to try a waffle. We used to get a chocolate custard croissant as a treat, but we are a waffle family now.

  3. Yes! You will really enjoy that bacon. It's worth the wait.