Monday, January 30, 2012

Extrememly Scientific Girl Scout Cookies Study

The first round of cookie orders are due on Wednesday. Sales are continuing but if you have already placed an order, that order will get submitted this week so your cookies will arrive in the first truckloads delivered to the Capital District. The kids did a pretty good job selling. In this round of sales the two of them sold 152 boxes of cookies. Being the spreadsheet nerd that I am, I had to break down the sales and I am scientifically counting each box sold as a vote for the buyer's favorite Girl Scout cookie. At this time, the voting is over and all precincts are reporting. We now go to Wolf Blitzer at the CNN Girl Scout Election Headquarters in Atlanta for the results:

The Thin Mints win it in a landslide. Not even close. This was a pretty random sample covering teenagers working at an after school program up all the way up to senior citizens. Although my brother Mike may have skewed the results a little - he bought a case a thin mints to hand out as gifts. But he just padded the victory. The thin mints had it before he ordered.

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