Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy Round here

Haven't posted it a bit. Falling way behind my twice a week goal, but there has been a lot going on. First, we are packing up, getting on a plane and flying to see the big mouse in the middle of Florida. Kids are thrilled. They have wanted to "go to where Mickey Mouse lives" for some time. I'm of the mindset where it is great as a kid, but just so-so as an adult. I'd rather hit a beach or take a cruise. My father loves going. A few years ago, he mentioned wanting to go when the kids were ready. Not sure he remembers saying it, but he said it. While the kids are probably 1 to 2 years younger than I'd like to them to be for this trip (lots of lines and patience required), my dad is going to be 82 this year. We offered my folks the option of coming with us and they took us up on it. My mother says my dad doesn't show it, but he is giddy. Hope he is giddy after 9 days with us in Florida in July. Has to be July - school schedule ruins everything.

Last weekend was Allison's 6th birthday. Usually we bring the kids to pick out a cake. General chaos surrounding the week prevented that. It was the last week of school for both kids - ending on Wednesday for one and Friday morning for the other - and there was shuffling around who was where. I've been going to physical therapy (note to blog readers - don't screw up your shoulder, it is a real hassle getting it back). Throw in planning the trip and there wasn't much free time during the week for cake ordering. On Thursday afternoon, I called the Price Chopper in Latham to order a cake to be picked up around 3:00 on Friday. They said no problem, what do you want. Well, she would like "a rainbow and a big heart and pink and red flowers." The woman on the phone was reluctant to promise they could do that. I told her it was for a 6 year old, their best effort would be fine and I gave them my cell number in case there was a question. No one called and here's what we got (rotated for reasons unknown):

She was very pleased with the cake and everyone liked it. Kudos Latham Price Chopper bakers. On one of my many lunchtime visits to Hannaford, I noticed some Mastrianni pizza dough in a cooler. I was planning to grill and this is one of my favorite ways to cook pizza dough. Let it proof (I left the bag open in my cube for the afternoon), split it in half, roll each piece into a log, cook indirectly with charcoal on the grill. Cool, slice, eat with butter. It is also excellent it grilled clams

I have also been scheming my Indispensable Tool. Here's what I've got so far:

I will need a few days to put it together. I am going to try and use this JB Weld instead of a real welder. I'm trying to design a tool that anyone can make, and not everyone has a friend that can weld. I do, so if this doesn't work they way I hope, I might have to call in a favor. So here's the plan: The long silver bar is threaded on one end. I will be able to attach thing with a nut there. The silver bar also slides tightly into the longer black bar. I drilled two holes in one end of the black bar so far (hopefully that is it).  The 3 little screw to the left of the JB Weld have 2 nuts on them. Tonight, I used the JB weld to weld the 2 nuts together without being welded to the screw. I made a few extras, hopefully 2 work. These welded nuts will get welded over the holes in the black bar. Got it so far? On the plate are 2 thumb screws. They will go through the nuts and tighten on the silver bar. This way, the length is adjustable. The black bar gets JB Welded to the hing. The hinge gets screwed to the center of a boar (not in the picture). The board gets attached to the lazy susan hardware in the bag near the hinge. Ta-da.

Hope it works. I picked up some artsy fartsy OO flour. I've got to start working on homemade pizza dough.

Not sure if I'll be back until after the 4th. Got some beer, fireworks, and our first CSA delivery in the near future.

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