Monday, July 5, 2010

This Shouldn't Make Me This Happy

And yet it does. I was giggling a little while I worked on my Indispensable Tool last night. Everyone had gone bed and I took the opportunity to go out to the garage and do a few more fake welding. The epoxy welds that I have done so far are very strong. I had already glued 4 or 5 pairs of nuts together on Thursday. They all worked, no glue on the threads and thumb screws went through without a problem. I picked the two nicest looking pairs, put them on some bolts and glued them over the holes in the pipe last night.

Also, over the weekend, I used my father-in-laws table saw to make a pretty square piece of 1/2 inch plywood. It measures 6 inches by 6 inches. I glued it to the lazy Susan hardware last night too. Not sure why we are picking on Susans everywhere, but we do.

And here's how it looks from the top after the glue set up.

So far, JB Weld has worked very well on metal to metal bonds and wood to metal bond. I might have a few ideas for this stuff at work. I've been impressed.

I just glued the pipe with the thumb screw bolts to the hinge. The hinge will get centered on this piece of plywood.

Home stretch....just have to pick up a cheap 90 degree bracket and a hose clamp. Might finish tomorrow night. I'm starting to think I could actually build this oven.

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