Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day 2010

A wee bit late on this one...but I spent Saturday and Sunday of father's day weekend with a weed whacker trimming around cow fence. It was not thrilling. And the week whacker wasn't working right. Damn thing constantly jammed and the engine wasn't firing correctly either. I got a few blisters and a little itchy patch of poison-something-or-other on my hand. I am probably taking my whining a little too far with this, but the red line is fence that I weed whacked. On both sides. Cue pitiful violin music please.

On the plus side, I got lots of nice cards, a GPS thingy for the car, and a few cute drawings. Had a nice talk with my dad too.


  1. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your comment. Rental Car Momma was really great, I didn't deal with them again after the booking, but everything was all set when I made it to the rental counter!

  2. Thanks Jamie. I took the plunge when I could not find anyone that had anything bad to say about them. I put in my info, just an email and phone number, and about 30 seconds later I had a confirmation email from Dollar. How bad could that be? It is for about $1000 less than I was finding online. Apparently mid-July is not a good time to rent a minivan in Orlando. We must not be the only ones going to see the big mouse.

    Thanks again for getting back to me.