Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chef Ric Orlando on Chopped

Spoiler Alert- I talk about the show's results.

Tonight's "Chopped" featured local chef Ric Orlando. Normally, I don't watch Chopped. The show is chefs preparing courses out of a mystery basket and the mystery basket is filled with things that probably shouldn't go together. While I do like watching professional chefs cook, Chopped seems more like making chefs dance and jump through hoops to win some money.

I made a point to watch tonight to see Chef Orlando compete. I have yet to eat at one of Orlando's restaurants, but they have been on the longtime to-do list. Getting a reservation this week might be tough after the show.

In the end, it is Chef Orlando against a younger chef. The younger chef had the line of the show during one of his asides. He said, "Chef Ric has been cooking longer than I've been alive." Could be taken as a slight dig at Orlando's age, but I think it should be taken as a compliment to Orlando's enduring passion for his craft.

In the end, Orlando brought some pride to the Capitol District with a win. Congratulations, Chef. Once all the hub-bub dies down, I will have to stop by and try a jerk dish.


  1. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Chef. Must have been hard to keep the secret. Congratulations again.