Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cookie Season

This February was not a good month for door-to-door cookie sales. There was basically one Saturday where it was feasible. For the past three years, our house has turned into cookie central for a troop and the cookie convoy came in on Thursday. Instead of breaking down the cookies that my daughters sold looking for any trends, I took a look at the troop sales. Turns out it was pretty easy since the troop ordered 101 cases of cookies, so each case is damn close to 1%. I suppose it is slightly unofficial since there will be some supplemental cookies coming in for a booth sale and the troop also ordered 2 cases of a new gluten free cookie that aren't in yet. With those minor details in mind, here is an extremely scientific analysis showing exactly how the entire country feels about which Girl Scout Cookies are better than others.

1. Thin Mints - 31 cases
The Thin Mints reign supreme again this year. People love these cookies. I've always been so-so on them. But in moving 31 cases of them, I think Thin Mints may deliver the most bang for your buck. All the cases have 12 boxes of cookies in them, and the Thin Mints felt the heaviest.

2. Samoas - 26 cases
Always a bridesmaid, never a the bride. These are may favorite Girl Scout cookies. While several Girl Scout Cookies are eaten by the sleeve, these are eaten by the box.

3. Tagalongs - 16 cases
A solid showing for Tagalongs. I've always thought these cookies aren't anything special. If you are looking for peanut butter in your Girl Scout cookies, go with Do-Si-Dos.

4. Trefoils - 10 cases
These shortbread cookies have a loyal following. The people that like them, love them. 

5. Do-si-dos - 9 cases
These are pretty good. A guy I work with loves them. He got 4 boxes.

6. Rah Rah Raisin - 5 cases
These are new to the show and I haven't had any...yet. They replace Dulce de Leche cookies which I thought were pretty bad. I'm told they were good dipped in coffee. I never tried that, and I guess I'll never get the chance.

7. Savannah Smiles - 4 cases
I don't get these. Like the Dulce de Leche cookies, after tasting one, I wouldn't buy a box of these. That said, the people that do like these, love them and probably want to hit me for bad mouthing their beloved Savannah Smiles.

Well, there you have it. I think I deserve a patch for putting this list together.

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