Monday, April 6, 2015

Sorry, we're out

Price Chopper isn't my main grocery store. It was once, but I go through phases. I still go to Price Chopper, it's just not a weekly thing. So far, they are the only place I've found Hofmann German Brand Franks and I like them. When I go to get franks, I'm sure I'll grab a few other things.

When I find myself in the Market Bistro Price Chopper, I grab a Cobb Salad (no onions) for my wife. Yeah it's 10 bucks, but it's pretty big, I'm too lazy to make it, and the salad lasts for at least two meals.

I ordered one tonight, and was told they were out of bacon and blue cheese. Another person working behind the counter corrected the person waiting on me about the bacon. So they've got bacon but no blue cheese. Now sure, I get running out of things. My brother tells a story about when he was working in a restaurant and the owner ran out for a 5 pound bag of onions during a dinner rush. It happens. But running out of something in the middle of a supermarket? There's plenty of blue cheese for sale less than 100 feet away.

It's not just Price Chopper. I don't mean to single them out. I was once told they were out of plastic forks in a Shop Rite. I forget the store, but a deli counter in a grocery didn't have mustard for a sandwich. Crazy, right?

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