Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An Unofficial Start To Summer

Everyone has their own signs of the season. For me, back-to-school starts off Fall these days, Christmas and our annual New Year's in Maryland get winter winter rolling, the sheer pleasure of not bothering to clear off the driveway for that last, little snowfall that melts in 2 days kicks off spring. Summer, starts when the float goes out onto the lake. And it went out this Sunday morning.

Last Fall, we removed a very wet, kind of gross all season carpet from the float. A few weeks ago, we new carpet was installed on the float and we got it ready for the season. The kids had fun with some nails and it didn't take too long to set up.


Ready to go:

On Sunday, the float made it's way into the water in time for my daughter 9th birthday party. We brought a few of her school friends up to the lake for the day. The weather cooperated and we were spared any heavy rains. The kids had a lot of fun on the float. I went down a few times too. You know, to check it out and make sure it was safe for the kids. It's just good parenting.

Splash a few buckets of water on the slide and you are cleared for take off.


We had a light rain as the event at the lake was winding down. Nothing too bad. Hard to believe I've got a 9 year old though. Happy Birthday, Allison!

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