Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Franklin Hotel

I recently I found myself in Verona around lunchtime. A co-worker asked, "You guys have time for the Franklin?" I've always got time for the Franklin (side note: the restaurant isn't in Verona, it's in Rome). There's something about the place I just really like. Like most restaurants, some things are better than others. When I'm there, I always look for something seems like a Utica area standard. But just look at this place. It oozes history.

Here's an SAT flashback:

Franklin Hotel : Rome :: Ralph's : Albany

It's that kind of place. If you grew up near it, it would be the first place you wanted to go when you came home. Personally, I prefer it to Ralph's, but I didn't grow up near either place. The guys I was with went for some of the day's specials. One got manicotti and sausage.

The plate was a little nicer before one of the mannicotti was slipped onto this plate of eggplant parm

I went with one of the "Franklin Favorites." Greens, beans and sausage.

I really enjoyed it. Would have been a bit better if they were using my sausage, but that isn't their fault. I don't sell it. This is the kind of dish that would make a crappy winter day better. It is also very filling. I didn't eat anything else that day and I pretty much passed out on the ride back to Albany. Should you find yourself in Rome, check it out.


  1. Franklin Hotel!!! One of my favorites! I love the fried hot pepper appetizer along with some bread. They have some decent pusties too... Also, their greens (Utica Greens) are something to behold.

  2. Here is a post I did about the Frankln's pusties -


  3. I saw the pusties in that little glass case they have. I almost bought some to go but I was too stuffed to think about wanting to eat in the future. I'll have to try the fried pepper appetizer next time. Pretty sure I have to go out towards the Utica/Rome area a few more times this summer.

  4. always a nice place. I've seen some nice pastries, do they do them there? Roadfood has a writeup and pictures.

    Dave S

  5. I don't know about baking the pastries in-house. My guess would be that they do not. Just a guess though. That case near the register has some good looking pastry, but I haven't tried any of their desserts.

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