Monday, April 1, 2013

Trader Joe's again, and again

I haven't looked back at the past posts, but I'm pretty sure I have only complained about things I haven't liked at Trader Joe's. I know there was one about olive oil and another about sun dried tomato chicken tenders. So, off the top of my head, here's a list of things I do like at Trader Joe's: Columbus salami, cheese sticks, various fruits, maple frosted shredded wheat, a few of the breads, yogurt (if you're into soy, their soy yogurts are as good as soy yogurts get), sour cream, milk, whipped cream cheese, some frozen vegetables, a quinoa duo vegetable side dish that is strangely good, cereal bars, black olives, ketchup, jar of marina (in a pinch), a few pastas, lentil soup, these little cheese/cracker sandwiches (don't open the box unless you plan to eat them all), crumbled blue cheese for salads, lightly salted almonds, decaf Irish breakfast tea, kosher turkey breast splits, hot dogs, white grape juice (great when mixed with seltzer) and I'm sure I'm leaving several things off the list.

Truth be told, I've spend a lot of time roaming the aisles of the store. Probably too much time. Earlier today I was in Trader Joe's looking over a shelf. To my right, a gentleman was talking to a crew member. They finished their conversation and as the crew member walked away, she started helping another customer. The gentleman, turned around with another question and asked it before he realized the crew member was already talking to another customer. After 8 months of repeatedly visiting the store, I knew the answer and directed the gentleman where he needed to go. As we walked over there, we chatted. Nice guy, lives mostly in Phoenix and is looking forward to Whole Foods coming to the area. He really likes Whole Foods.

If I get laid off, I guess I'll fill out a Trader Joe's application.

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