Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 Post Game Wrap Up

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. The meal went off without a hitch with the exception that I forgot to buy some half and half for the coffee after dinner. My bad. I am afraid I am going to have to change my tune. For years I had thought that cooking the bird outside opened up the kitchen and made life easier. Turns out, it doesn't. This was the first time I cooked the turkey inside (been doing it annually since 2001) and the time I spent babysitting fires and watching oil heat up became free time.

And I need to go get some Jacques Pepin books. That steam/roast method from the Times worked out very well. I always knew that guy could cook, but damn that guy can cook. I butter basted the bird instead of using his glaze. I wasn't sure all the guests would go for the glaze. Pretty sure I'd like it but I wasn't just cooking for myself. I thought the turkey needed some salt but it was pretty moist and tasty. I was even asked, "How did you get it so moist?" Next time (if the bird is thawed), I'll salt it a day or two in advance and then cook it using this steam/roast method.


  1. Grilled the bird this year....yummy smokiness!

  2. semi-followed a recipe from Giada...stuffed the bird with citrus and then covered the breast with a butter/white wine and herbs soaked cheese cloth....basted it with more butter/wine a few times and it came out fantastic...beautifully browned, juicy, and not salty....

  3. Those both sound like tasty turkeys. Hope you both enjoyed the holiday weekend.