Thursday, February 16, 2012

On the road

I'm on the road this week. Yesterday during a pitstop in the town of Bath, NY I bought a lottery ticket and a bottle of water. The cashier asked for my ID. Slightly stunned becasue I am 40 years old, bald and buying water and a lottery ticket I said, "It's just just a water." I was told this gas station cards all tabacco, lottery and alcohol purchases. Then I was told a story about a 90 something year old guy that buys lottery tickets here daily and gets carded each time.

Seriously? After the first month of daily carding a 90+ yeard old guy that you know by name you're not going to let slide a little for him? Hard time believing he's over 18 after having it prove it to you over 30 times? Crazy.

On the opposite side of the customer service scale...We stopped into my favorite bar in the world last night. I had called to pre-order a cheesecake made by a regular customer. But the regular customer has been a little under the weather lately. And unable to reach me to let me know my cheesecake order was cancelled, Jeanette (the best bartender ever), made us chocolate chip cookies herself and brought them into the bar for us. Pretty amazing service for a couple of guys that come to the bar once or twice a year.

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