Friday, February 10, 2012

The Elementary School's Social Event of the Season

One of the things going on at our elementary school is a "Peaceable School Program." The school does quite a bit to form a community through a number of Spirit Days at the school and occasional evening events. Tonight, there was a fund raising basketball game: Teachers vs. Local Police. The school spent a few weeks building up to it. The teacher cheer leading squad has been meeting the school buses with their cheers and pom poms all week. The build up culminated today with what my daughter Casey called "the best day of her entire life so far." Everyone wore the schools colors today. There was a big pep rally during school and then tonight the kids stayed up late and went to the basketball game. It was really quite a lot of fun. The crowd was a veritable who's who of elementary school teachers, students and parents. The gym was packed. They ran out of bleacher seats and the entire basketball court was surrounded by people. Here's a crowd shot from halftime.

The teachers played really well. One teacher there can dunk. There were cheers, t-shirts thrown into the crowd, raffles, music, a bake sale and kids every where. In the end, despite the Police team's efforts to give the teachers 6 points in the last 30 seconds of the game, there was no joy in Mudville tonight. The Teachers lost 63 to 62.

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