Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Bacon Christmas Miracle

With the help of the internet and a really nice librarian named Terry, I have in my possession the bacon recipe from Modernist Cuisine. If you are half as excited as I am about this, you are pretty damn excited my friend. Terry kindly found the page I wanted out the the 6 volumes (a mere 2500 pages), scanned it and then emailed it to me. Now I have to go ingredient hunting. The recipe calls for Fermento.  I wish I knew that last week because I was in Buffalo and could have picked some up. Luckily I have a friend out there that will be able to hook me up so I can avoid shipping charges. The other ingredient I doubt I can find locally is sodium erythorbate. I'll just have to pick a store online and go from there. Everything else is just spices and Cure#1. I've got plenty of Cure#1.

Definitely going to get a whole Berkshire belly from Adventure in Food for this one. This is so awesome. I have been looking for this recipe off and on since the book came out.

Thank you, Terry.


  1. I just got Volume 3 from the library again. If you have any questions about the recipe I'd be happy to look them up. Fermento simulates the tang of a long cured sausage, and that other stuff is a cure accelerator similar to vitamin c. I have never tried it. Good luck, I look forward to your results. Cheers.

  2. Thanks, mac. My scanned page has the bacon recipe and the ingredient portion of the next page for blackstrap molasses ham. Not sure I would have picked those seasonings. If you had time for Easter, this recipe might be worth comparing to the ham you just cured.

    I have the sodium erythorbate already. Fermento is on the way. And Adventure in Food has pork belly in stock. I think there will be bacon curing by next weekend.

    If only I could put some of this energy toward something like painting a room...