Friday, November 11, 2011

Pierogi Making

The fall pierogi making seems to happen on Veteran's Day each year. At about 10, we show up at Aunt Carol & Uncle Lou's house. Then we eat a little something. Around 10:30 the filling gets made - Farmer's cheese, eggs, cottage cheese, scallions(green part only), salt, pepper and garlic powder. Then the first batch of dough gets made - flour, salt, oil, water and garlic powder.

The batches of dough get rolled out and circles get cut with and old can that has been cutting circles for pierogi for decades. The rolling and cutting is my job. The circles get filled with the cheese mixture and pinched shut. This goes on until there is no more filling. The pierogi get boiled in batches until they float. When they float, they are put on racks to dry. Later in the day, Carol wraps packages of 6 pierogi in wax paper and then re-wraps the bundle with aluminum foil. From here, the bundles are frozen until Christmas Eve when they are fried to a golden brown and inhaled by the family.

I didn't get any pictures of the process this year, but I snapped a few of the end result.

But wait, there are more....

I counted 125 pierogi made today. Not too shabby. When we were done, there was pizza for lunch. This is turning into a very nice Veteran's Day tradition. And if you have enough hands, these are pretty easy to make. We should probably do it more often.


  1. the dough is versitile as well....SB's grandmother makes pierogis and noodles for soup on the same day

  2. We have talked about using a pasta roller to roll out the dough. I'm torn. I think it would be easier and faster, but at the same time it might be a little soul-less and perfectly uniform. One of these days I'm going to trash the kitchen with the kids making pasta...,

  3. Pierogi day! I need to start one of those for myself.