Saturday, November 19, 2011

I love a parade

After a day of cleaning the house so it is nice and neat before we trash it later this week, we took in the Schenectady parade. I had never been before. Smurf-ette coming at you....

We got there just after the parade started and State Street was packed. I was pretty surprised how many people showed up. This was the original view from a kids perspective:

Pretty crappy. After a little roaming we found a decent spot near the Subway next door to Proctor's. I got the girls up onto a traffic signal cabinet. The girls were much happier.

We only got a few dirty looks from "The Man" for being up there but no one said anything. Seriously, the place was packed.

All in all, a very nice night. We had a good time. Well done, Schenectady.

And now a PSA for Albany Jane: Target has Hello Kitty gloves. The kind of gloves that have a little flap (in this case a Hello Kitty) that can expose your finger tips. Casey loves hers and was very excited to pose for you. Hope they have your size.


  1. Didn't you just love how they had to drag Smurfette down to clear the stop light?

    LOVE the dancing firefighters from Colonie!

  2. It was a nice move getting under the lights. You couldn't help but smile at the cheer when she stood back up.

    Those firefighters were really into it. My brother-in-law (Don't want to name drop, but he is the current Fire Fighter of the Month at Rotterdamn District 2)was marching with my nephew. They were near the end of the parade by the float with the chimney.

    Another close to meeting Phairhead adventure...

  3. *Squeeeeee*!!!! Tell Casey I love her gloves and will be scouring the aisle for them shortly!