Saturday, September 24, 2011

Travel for Work

I spent some time in Buffalo and Rochester this week for work. One of the highlights of the trip was roaming around the industrial park behind the Holiday Inn on Jefferson Road outside Rochester. I had just finished working out in the hotel gym and decided to go for a walk to cool down. I found a really nice health food store. It kind of reminded me of the Honest Weight Co-Op. Wide variety of products and a pretty big gluten free section. Plus, the place just felt nice. Never met her, but I bet Lori is good people.

Then, in the building right next door was a restaurant supply store. The woman working there was very nice. Her son started the business with a friend and they have just moved to this location. Nice selection of restaurant tools, take out containers, and even an nice grinder that caught my eye. The picture was taken with my phone. I should have gotten closer.

Just off to the side of the restaurant supply store there was a new Korean restaurant. It looked interesting but I didn't have a chance to check it out. But across the small parking area to the left of the Korean restaurant was a place called Palmer's.

The back part of the building wasn't open to the public. It looked like a higher end Sysco with food for restaurants. The front part was open to the public and it is a cross between a gourmet market and catering company. Want to buy good seafood and bring it home to cook, no problem. Want to pick out the same seafood and have it cooked for you, no problem. They had a nice seating area or I guess you could get it to go.

They also had a counter where you could get your choice of steaks grilled to order, all kinds of sides and some good looking desserts. To use older Albany references to describe Palmer's, I'd say it was Deleah's crossed with Cowan & Lobel.

It was a nice walk. After I cleaned up, I headed back to Palmer's to pick up a bag of lump charcoal I had never heard of before. Probably the nicest industrial park I have ever visited, although I 'm not really a connoisseur of industrial parks. And good to know that a unique set of stores can exist right next to the "Everytown, USA" generic strip of box stores that is Jefferson Road.

We went out to dinner at a little Italian restaurant the clerk at the hotel recommended. The food wasn't very good. The place was probably great 20 years ago when "Noni" and "Papa" were at the helm. We asked if there was a movie theater nearby. The waitress directed us to a theater less than a mile away. It turned out to be a second run movie theater. Which was perfect because they were showing Super 8 and I had wanted to see it. The theater is a nicer version of the Cine-10 (I miss that place) with $2 tickets. On Monday's, if you bring you family of three of more, the ticket price is 75 cents. My partner in crime and I saw a Wednesday night showing of Super 8 with 3 other people. Not sure how it can stay in business, but I hope it does.

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