Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cooking From Lucky Peach

I picked up a subscription to Lucky Peach, a new quarterly food magazine. I enjoyed the interviews and learned quite a bit about Ramen. There were a few things that made me laugh and a few others that I thought were very creative. A recipe written in 3 haikus - that's just creative and funny. And the recipe sounds pretty tasty too.

Near the back of the issue, there was a section on sous vide eggs that included a temperature chart describing how the textures of the yolk and white change as the temperature increases. I had some farmer's market eggs, a new egg cooking technique to try and I had to shoot for a 62.5 degrees Celsius egg. That is Chef Andoni Aduriz's favorite temperature.

You get a big pot, fill it with water. Put a bowl you can boil in it to keep the eggs off the bottom of the pot. A smaller boil-able bowl to keep the eggs in place goes inside the bigger bowl. Use some thermometers and the temperature control to keep the water temperature as close to 62.5 degrees C. Place the eggs in the water and keep an eye on the temperature for 40 minutes. Then you're ready to eat.

And here you have two slow poached eggs on top of mixed greens that were tossed with a quick vinaigrette and a little bit of bacon. It was pretty tasty. The only thing I'd change would be to bring the eggs closer to room temperature before cooking. Dinner is served.


  1. I've been meaning to jump on the Lucky Peach bandwagon ... this is helping to convince me

  2. I thought it was a fun read. I'm curious to see what comes next.