Friday, June 11, 2010

More Cooking Shows on TV

I was surfing the channels earlier in the week and came across The Cooking Channel. Never heard of it. Not sure when it joined the Time Warned Cable lineup (Channel 320). I must have missed that meeting. Using the handy-dandy guide I flipped their their shows for the better part of a week. They are showing a lot of Jamie Oliver's "Jamie at Home" which in my opinion is good because I've never seen it. And you can not say the man isn't passionate about food. In the episode I watched, he made a kick ass looking hot pepper relish. I just looked for the recipe online, and due to some contractual-laywer-blah-blah only 2 recipes per show can be on the website. Alas, the one I want is not there. Pretty sure it is still on the DVR. I'll flip through it and take some notes.

After flipping through the programming lineup, I was a little excited bacuse it looked like the shows would be more technique driven instead of food-entertainment. There are some Food TV reruns, but there were a lot of shows I had never heard and they looked like the could be worth a view.

And then I watched, well kind of watched, and episode of Food Jammers. I was not impressed. The episode was 3 surfer kind of guys preparing for a party with a little bit of Junkyard Wars mixed in. Each guy was preparing something to eat as well as building a bizarre mechanism to cook on. Dude 1 was going to make a 10 foot sausage and came up with hot dog treadmill thing to cook the sausage over charcoal.  Dude 2 made mini tofu burgers (looked like 1" diameter) and he cooked them with steam in a custom made bamboo tower. The heat source was a hot air gun. Dude 3 roasted a chicken with barbecue sauce. Maybe roasted isn't the right word. He slathered a chicken with BBQ sauce. Wrapped it in foil. Put a skewer through it and then mounted the skewer in a homemade gyroscope thing and spun the chicken over a campfire.

I don't get the premise. There wasn't any how-to-cook information and there wasn't any how-to-build-this-crap information. And by the end, I was starting to really not like the hosts. So, I'll be skipping that show in the future. But there might be a few worth viewing, should the host be making something you are interested in seeing.

In other news, broke down 2 chickens, got them in the freezer, and cleaned up in just under 50 minutes. I'd like to slowly edge my way to half an hour. But I can't get there too fast - I half to make sure I don't lose a finger.

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