Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Worth his salt

There is a bill sponsored by Felix Ortiz and Margret Markey proposing to eliminate to "prohibit the use of salt by owner or operators of a restaurant when preparing food for consumption by customers". I'm not making this up.

Really. I'm not.

This makes no sense at all. A restaurant can't brine anything, cure anything, season anything....And what about using products with salt to make other products. Can a chef use soy sauce? What about a slat packed caper?

Maybe we could put a tax on the salt used by a restaurant. Let's say a penny a gram. That way it would be in a restaurant's best interest to reduce the salt used in their restaurant. And the state could employ thousands of people to go to all these kitchens to make sure proper salt records are being filed. Reduce the state deficit and unemployment at the same time. Brilliant!

Just in case someone for the state assembly pokes around here: italics = sarcasm


  1. I love that he decided to push a bill for no other reasons than "I want to push a bill" and "My father's could not control his own personal salt consumption.".

    Seriously, guy? No. No, no, no, no, no. I hate these nanny laws that tried to get pushed. If someone can't control themselves, that is their problem.

  2. I first read about this on the Hunger Artist blog. Then I wrote about it here. Then I sent Steve Barnes an email. I'm assuming he had already heard about it since he put up a very good Table Hopping post about 12 hours later.

    I think Ortiz has been properly scolded. John DeRossier had a good cartoon too.