Friday, March 12, 2010

Sopressata Part 3: Eating

 collagen casing on top, natural casing below

The batch of sopressata came out pretty good. Definitely better than the mass market stuff and I think it is in line with some that can be found in Italian markets. There is some room for improvement, but, all-in-all a successful cure. I was a little worried that I had fallen victim to case hardening (the outside gets hard, the moisture inside can't get out and you are left with a mushy inside. Luckily, it didn't completely happen although there are some slices where the inside softer than the outside. Softer, but cured. Some time in the fridge after the chamber has improved it as well. It has a nice salty, pork flavor with some hints of garlic coming through. I think I might increase the seasonings a little more next time. There is really no heat to it at all - not a bad thing, i ijust thought the hot pepper would be more noticeable.

The real surprise, other than how much my older daughter likes it, is that I think I like the collagen casing better. I would have never thought it? I have a tendency to try and keep it "old school" in the kitchen. But the collagen casing was very easy to stuff (harder to tie up though), peels off the finished product easily, and I think the sopressata came out a little nicer in a side by side comparison. Who'd a thunk it?

I sliced some up and put it in a bowl to offer some to my neighbors while the kids were playing outside. The bowl didn't get past the kids. High praise indeed. I'm only a little proud of myself.


  1. The sopressata looks excellent. I'm glad it came 'round to eating time.

    Do you usually peel off the casings from sopressata, even when they're natural?

  2. I haven't peeled off the natural casing in the few things I've cured. You hardly know the natural casing is there. This was the first time I had used a collagen casing and all collagen casings are not edible. I'm sure you could eat this collagen casing and be ok, but you wouldn't enjoy it. It peels off very easily.

    I served a bunch of the sopressata earlier tonight and it was very well receive. I really think sitting in the fridge helped it out. It is a completely different product than it was last week. Maybe it is still drying. I should weigh what is left to check.

    Next week, I'll be in Buffalo for work. That means a visit to the Sausage Maker. The shop is kind of a "kid in the candy store" place for me. It is OK, I've accepted my weirdness.

    I'm not sure I'll be able to leave there without a grinder, a bunch of casings and some Ph strips. On the other hand, maybe I shouldn't bring a credit card with me. Could be dangerous.