Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Fever

I've caught it. As a curler, there has never been a time where this much curling could be seen on TV. Unfortunately, the US curling teams haven't been doing that well. I stayed up too late last night watching Canada play Great Britain. The only Capital Region even I can compare watching curling at this level to is the Travers Stakes. You blow off work and head to the track some summer Friday to get an early start to the weekend. It's fun. You make some bets then stand by the rail and watch the horses run by. If you stand by the rail for the Travers, the horses running by you are breath taking. They are bigger, faster, stronger and very powerful. You ask yourself, "If these are horses, what were those other things that ran by before?"

That's how I felt watching last night's curling match. "If this is curling, what game am I playing on Monday nights?" The strategy was well beyond what I am used to seeing. The shot making ability was amazing. The judgment and ability of the sweepers was very impressive.

And happy 30th anniversary to the Miracle on Ice. I was 8 and I can remember watching the game. All of the other "where where you when..." events aren't happy. Pearl Harbor, Kennedy getting shot, the Challenger explosion, 9-11. Not many happy occasions get imprinted into the memory of a nation. But these guys really captured the hearts of this country. But enough reliving past Olympic glory. The American woman's curling team has a game on now.

Side Note: In completely un-Olympic related news, I ate a piece of sopressata yesterday. It was tasty, but I think it needs a little more time to dry. Should be done by this coming weekend.

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