Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Halloween Tale

I had a pizza post almost set to go tonight, but there was trick or treating and I saw this while walking the streets for candy:

The setting:  A typical, dime a dozen suburban cul de sac.
The characters: my daughter and two of her friends and a group of 6 or 7 kids ranging in age from 7 to 10.

My daughter and her friends are strolling along talking. The trick or treating is secondary. They are in no rush to get from house to house. They don't care and are enjoying each others company. For the most part, I am usually 20 or so feet away from them letting them do what they but around just in case I'm needed. They are all in 8th grade. I'm not sure how many more costumed Halloweens are in their future.

The pack of younger kids is running from house to house. My daughter, her friends and the pack of kids were all on the same door step, trick or treated, and got some candy. The pack of kids ran across the lawn to the next house. My daughter and her friends chat while they go down the walkway to the street and casually followed the pack.

The pack rang the bell and then took off. A father asked what was going happening. One pack member yelled, "We ding dong ditched!" Most of them scattered. One pack member hid behind a bush. When the door opened, my daughter and her friends had just gotten to the stoop. They said, "trick or treat," got some candy and politely thanked the home owner. The kid hiding in the bush realized how dumb he was being, got in line and got some candy. I'm not sure the rest of the kids realized the error of their ways.

And in other news, we are fostering another dog and she is freaking adorable.  She's on my lap right now.


  1. I look forward to your next pizza/oven post. A friend up in Berne recently built himself a modest little oven that I think you'll enjoy:


    Cooks a pie in about 90 seconds flat.


  2. That's a nice oven. I haven't tried to cook that fast yet but I think my oven can do it.

    Should have anot her update on the oven soon. I'm trying to do one last push to get a few things done. Going to leave the final finishing stuff alone until spring. The year end punch list: two more pieces of wood to go up, touch up wood staining, get the support for a counter in, and some switch covers put on. And some caulk. And abother wood rack built. I hope to put a dent in the on Saturday. And then make some pizza for dinner.