Monday, August 14, 2017

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Went on a vacation last week. We were completely cut off from the outside world. No phone. No internet. It was oddly nice. As someone that had to play catch up to the news of the week, I can verify that ignorance is bliss.

While on vacation, I thought of a bunch of possible post topics. Some food related, some on the oddities of a cruise (why are there continuous art and jewelry sales pitches?) and another one that I think a sociologist PhD candidate could use as a thesis topic. But with the news of the day in mind, I’m going to go with something light.

I hugged Andy the Dolphin.

During the time we spent with Andy the Dolphin I also pet him, felt his teeth, held his front fins (it was kind of a dance thing) and fed Andy a fish. There was also a kiss.

Now, if one of my kids intentionally splashed salt water in my face I’d be yelling, “what the hell are you doing?!? Cut it out!” But when Andy the Dolphin intentionally splashes salt water in your face, you just smile and think, “Silly Andy…He’s so cute.” Dolphins could get away with anything.
After you hang out around a dolphin, you spend the rest of the day thinking, “I can’t believe that happened.” It’s been almost a week and I still think it.


  1. What a fantastic experience.
    Hopefully you let the kids play with him too.

    1. Absolutely. We've got some great pictures of Andy with the kids. There's a family photo with him too.

  2. That is totally awesome! We have a few down here in Florida that swim by and sometimes regale us with a jump or two and once I swear one turned on it's side and waved! Wonderful creatures and an awesome memory for the girls and you two!