Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cookie Season

This year's Girl Scout Cookie season has come to a merciful end. This year the troop focused more on booth sales. I've actually gotten pretty good at moving a lot of cookies around with a hand truck. Anyhow, one afternoon the troop had two booths set up in Crossgates Mall and it wasn't a very busy day at the mall. In order to have a booth sale, you need to pre-buy the cookies. We left the that sale, which was supposed to be the last one, with over 100 boxes of unsold cookies. Now I like Girl Scout Cookies, but I wasn't thrilled with the possibility of eating 10 cases of them.

This year, the troop also added a booth in a retirement community. The women of the Greatest Generation...they were Girl Scouts. And for the most part, they like Thin Mints and the new S'mores cookies.

Instead of looking at just my family's sales, this year I'm breaking down the entire troop's cookie sales.

At the bottom of the list, Savannah Smiles (lemon cookies) and Toffee Tastic (gluten free) were tied for 3% of the sales.

The next grouping was Do Si Do (peanut butter sandwich) and Trefoils (shortbread) with 7% of the sales. S'mores was next at 8% but we only bought 5 cases of them. Troops were unable to re-order S'mores cookies so you made a guess and hope you sold them. Our troop bough 5 cases and they all went. I think more would have sold, but I'm not sure they would have made it to double digits in percentage of sales.

Tagalong (peanut butter with chocolate) were 17% of the total sales.

Next up were my personal favorite, Samoas (coconut caramel) with 24% of the sales.

And the Undisputed Champion and winner every time I have done this cookie analysis, weighing in with 31% of the sales: Thin Mints (no need to describe them, you know what they are).  A number of times, someone would buy a box of Thin Mints and then excitedly cradle the cookies like they had something precious. In most multiple box orders and purchases, Thin Mints are one of the boxes. People love these cookies and apparently eat them by the sleeve. No judgements here.

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