Friday, March 17, 2017

Saint Patrick's Day Surprise

So it's Saint Patrick's Day and I did what a lot of people in the area do today. After dinner, we piled into the family truckster and head over to Stewart's for a 50 cent single scoop. Kids went with Firecracker in a cup and Mint Cookie Crumble in a cone. I tried out the limited time Carrot Cake and my wife went with Peanut Butter cup.

We sit down at one of the tables and we're eating our ice cream and my wife notices the pink, Inside Scoop sales flyer on the table.

Then she says, "Hey, that's you."


On the flyer is a tweet taken out of a conversation from last year. I'm part of the first tweet under the Sweet Tweets heading.

How cool is that?


  1. I am super grumpy that I haven't made sweet tweets yet... Congrats! Also, whatever happened to @albanyeats?

    1. You probably have but just haven't noticed. I was probably in 4 different Stewart's this week and would never have known unless my wife saw it. Talk about a long shot.

      Albany Eats is still around just not really active online anymore. I texted her a picture.

    2. Still here in spirit, just not in fresh posts.