Monday, December 19, 2016

Telling Mom Lies

Yes. I recently bold faced lied to my mother. Fingers crossed. Hoping I get away with it.

It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving when I was driving her to the Springfield, MA train station. She asked if I was going to let her buy me dinner in Staten Island.  My first reaction was confusion. I’m not going to Staten Island. But I had to quickly mask the confusion. The story she believed was that after my nephew’s birthday party in Staten Island, the immediate family would head out to celebrate her birthday. Normally she wouldn’t care about her own birthday, but this was more of a milestone year.

After the party in Staten Island, you’re going to let me buy you dinner?
The lie:
Well, not dinner. It’s a Sunday and a school night. We can’t go out for dinner and leave at 7 or 8. We’ll get home at 10 or 11. After the party we’ll all go out. But we’ll do it before dinner time.

She seemed ok with that. There were some variations on that lie in phone conversations too.

In reality, on Saturday my brother Mike would go to her condo in Connecticut so he could “drive her” to Staten Island Sunday morning. But when they went out to dinner Saturday night, the rest of the family including all 3 of her grandchildren would already be at the restaurant to celebrate her birthday.  SURPRISE!

The birthday party was a great time. Our lies were forgiven. And then Sunday morning we had a little birthday brunch for my nephew since all the travel plans to Staten Island for his birthday were a hoax.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope you enjoyed your fifty second 29th birthday.

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