Monday, August 5, 2013

Pros & Cons

Some recent pros and cons, in no particular order:

Pro: To date, I believe I am winning the 2013 Battle of the Lawn.
Con: I fully expect the lawn to die tomorrow now that I have jinxed it.
We are in negotiations to buy a house.
Pro: I really like the house
Con: Thinking about moving and mortgages gives me a stomach ache.

Pro: The wok I ordered was delivered today
Con: I'm on the road this week and off on a vacation next week. I won't get to use the wok for at least two weeks.

A friend text messaged me on Friday night from my favorite bar.
Pro: The bartender was disappointed I wasn't there.
Con: I wasn't there.
Even more Con: The bar is about 300 miles away.
Rebound Pro: I should be visiting in mid September.

Pro: I'm really enjoying Twitter.
Con: I've wasted hours and hours screwing around on Twitter

Pro: There's a stupid motorcycle game on my phone and I'm pretty good at it.
Con: I'm fairly confident that all of the random opponents I have played are kids messing around on their parents' phone.

Pro: My daughter will begin trumpet lessons this year and there's a good chance she will use the same horn I played at her age.
Con: I'm going to hear Hot Crossed Buns a million times.

I wonder how sound proofed the basement is in that other house....


  1. pro - these things exist now

    Albany John

    (I bet my parental units wished I had one of these when I was learning)

    1. Wow. If I could crawl through this screen and hug you right now, I would.